Prenatal Yoga: The Benefits of this Unique Practice

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Yoga: to yolk or unite, the union of body mind and spirit.

When a woman is pregnant, she is indeed in a state of yoga, a union with herself and her growing baby.

Pregnancy naturally enhances the body’s state of energy and creativity. Taking the time to pause from regular day-to-day demands during a prenatal yoga practice allows a woman to enjoy the benefits of these new senses, whilst nurturing, strengthening and toning the ever-changing pregnant body.

Here are 10 benefits of a prenatal yoga practice:

  • Foster a deeper relationship with your growing baby. Through mindfulness and breath-work you can begin to cherish your role in the creation and support of new life within you.
  • Tone the pelvic floor. For a more controlled birth, reducing potential complications during labour, and more speedy post birth recovery.
  • Maintain a good posture as your body changes. Strengthening and stretching to tone the back, abdomen and legs.
  • Obtain relief from muscular and joint aches and pains experienced as your body grows to accommodate your new baby.
  • Instil a greater sense of comfort and relaxation using breath work. Learning tools to achieve a sense of calm and ease that can result in a calmer, more enjoyable birth.
  • Emotional stability. Acknowledging and fully experiencing emotions can aid in both mother and babies emotional health.
  • Discover the wisdom of the body. Learning to trust in the process of birth and motherhood as part of the body’s natural rhythms.
  • Gain mental strength and confidence, to be an advocate for what does and doesn’t serve you and your baby.
  • Release fear and anxiety associated with your upcoming labour and pending motherhood.
  • Gain motivation to continue a lifelong journey with your yoga practice.

View full timetable to sign up to prenatal yoga classes here.

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By Vanessa Mitchell

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